Our classes combine scientific facts and whimsical folklore gathered from studying herbs for over 20 years. Presentations are easy to understand and personal, with hands-on learning, for both beginners and experienced herbalists. Classes always include herbal tea, lots of samples and take-home information to continually inspire you to use herbs in your daily life.

Our classes are scheduled by request from May - October. Contact Rachel to set a date/time. There is no minimum number of students required. We believe that if you want to learn about herbs, you shouldn't have to wait until a certain number of other people also have the interest and time to take a class.

Contact Rachel if you'd like to schedule a presentation or class for your group, club, organization or event.


"I go to Nature to be soothed and healed and have my senses put in tune once more" ~ John Burroughs - Naturalist


All Classes – $45 (supplies included)


Learn to make infusions, tinctures, oils and salves to stock your home medicine chest. Demonstrations and samples of each method are included, along with information on individual herb uses.

DIY Herbal Home Spa

Pamper yourself naturally with home-made herbal beauty treatments. Learn about herbs and essential oils to use for relaxing baths, facials, hair conditioner, skin softening and aroma therapy. Recipes and other take-home information provided.

diy Herbal First Aid

There are many common herbs and wild plants that can be used for minor injuries, like burns and cuts, as well as herbs to use for common illnesses, like colds, flu and earaches.  Recipes and other take-home information provided.

WILDCRAFTING - Harvesting wild herbs

Learn to identify and use wild herbs, many of which are growing in your own backyard. We specialize in the uses of prairie plants and trees. We will focus on a few of the most useful for medicine and food in each season - spring, summer and fall. Samples of wild herb food and drinks are included.

Herb Gardening

Growing herbs is the best way to ensure you have the highest quality food and medicine available. This class teaches you 12+ easy-to-grow herbs – their growing conditions, how and when to harvest, and their uses. Includes handouts on herb garden designs to get you started.


Classes are scheduled at your convenience, for individuals or groups, by contacting us to set up a date and time:


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